Thrown Off Track by Tamsen Parker

40144194.jpgSinging about love is one thing. Finding it is another. 

Teague Martell has been License to Game’s bassist for over a decade, and he’s played Casanova for just as long, sleeping with almost everyone in his path. But unbeknownst to even his bandmates, it’s always felt like going through the motions. 

His best friend and LtG drummer Christian Vogel has secrets of his own. Like that he’s had a crush on Teague for as long as he’s had crushes. And while LtG’s lead singer may have made his solo plans public and sent the band into a tailspin, Christian’s got a side gig as well—one he’s been keeping under wraps. 

A nude photoshoot for a charity calendar has Teague seeing Christian in a different light—suddenly he knows what it is to want. But disagreements about the future of the band could impact their future as a couple. Christian and Teague have to decide whether their differences of opinion create a sweet harmony or if there’s too much discord in the duet they’re finally playing.

**Please note: Thrown Off Track appeared originally in the Exposed anthology. This version includes a bonus scene.**

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

*I received the book in exchange for an honest review*

I’ve only later seen that this is a kind of spin-off to the previous series and while I did not notice it before, it made sense as the characters weren’t really…presented in more details. What I’ve gotten to know is that Zane just got a girlfriend and that the way he took was the beginning of the end for the band. Mostly all of the guys are preparing to branch out, some louder, and some quieter.

Christian has had a crush on his band-mate Teague for ages but Teague only notices that he has feelings for Christian during the charity photoshoot. It did seem slightly…sudden, but in general I liked the demisexual rep.

Especially nice was that Christian was patient and allowed Teague to experiment and to do it all on his own terms, not forcing him into anything. What I didn’t like that much was that Teague knew he was irrationally jealous but he still kind of forced Christian to explain to him who Dylan was and what they were doing.

The ending was very sweet though and the book was good in general. It had it’s flaws and all but it was still a quite enjoyable read.



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