Interview with Anna Zabo

Anna Zabo’s latest book Reverb was released May 6 by Carina Press. Anna was kind enough to agree to do this lengthy interview for my blog, where I ask a very important question last 🙂

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Hello and thank you for agreeing to do this interview 🙂

A warm-up question. What was/is your biggest inspiration for writing?

This is actually a complex question, but I’ll give you the short answer: reading was my inspiration for writing. Books were my salvation and my joy as a child and the thought that maybe I can give back a tiny bit of that to someone else keeps me writing. Kind of a pay it forward thing.

Which of your book was your favourite to write?

Kind of like asking someone which child is their favorite! They all are a joy to write in places and also grueling at times to write. Out of the three Twisted Wishes books, I think Counterpoint was the most fun to write. Though, Reverb is up there! It just has some harder material.

How did you decide on writing about rockstars, when it comes to Twisted Wishes series?

I saw a photoshoot of Sebastian Stan in leather pants in a bathtub and Boom. I really wanted to write about rockstars! It was kind of an off the cuff thought but the idea wouldn’t leave me alone, and the characters started to form, and at that point, I was done. Also, I was coming off of four books about business men… I really needed to write something different!

I noticed you give CW/TWs under each of your books in “author review” on Goodreads. Why did you decide to do this? I know a lot of people appreciate it and wish more authors did it.

I saw people requesting it, and reviewers and other authors doing it, and I thought it was a great idea. It’s a way I can put that info out there for people who might want and need it. It’s such a small thing I can do to make other’s time a little easier.
I remember you were nervous writing about writing Reverb. Now that you got some responses from readers, how do you feel about it?

I haven’t read the negative reviews, to be honest. With this one I can’t. But the majority are positive and I’m particularly happy that other trans folk seem to like the representation. On the whole, I’m really pleased with the reception. Reverb was hard to write in places, and I opened myself up a little more than usual, so my nerves were frayed before the release. Especially since everyone LOVES Mish, and I wanted to do right by her too!
And a related question. How and why did you decide to write Reverb?

Well, I felt like I’d be doing a huge disservice to Mish if I didn’t write her a book. Also, I wanted to branch out beyond m/m more and write a woman MC. I’ve been hesitant in the past, which was probably largely due to my own gender issues, but now that I’m more settled with that, it seemed like the time was right. And certainly Mish demanded a story.

This book is slightly less kinky than the previous two. Was this a conscious decision or did it just end up like that (possibly due to characters :))?

It just ended up being that way—totally the characters. Also, I think they might get more kinky over time, but for where their relationship is at the time of the book—I don’t think either of them were ready for heavier kink. A little bedroom D/s, and some near public sex was enough. 😉

Mish and David have very similar experiences about patriarchy. Was this part hard to write?

Yes. It required a lot of digging into my own life and the state of the world and what friends have gone through. That’s not a fun thing to do.

David being trans is not the most important part of the book. Do you think people might focus too much on the fact that he is trans & has anyone asked about his deadname?

No one has asked for his deadname, but there does seem to be an interest to know more about his transition. And honestly… that part of David’s life is boring? I do think sometimes society focuses too much on the transition part and not enough on the joy part. Or the “I’m settled and living my life” part.

I loved the stress on the found family in all the books in the series and how they took care of each other. Was all this stress intentional?

No and Yes. It wasn’t when I started writing Syncopation, but the nature of that book made them be a family for each other and stick together. Hold each other up. And then after that, it was intentional. Especially when Dom hooked up with someone outside the group—there’s a lot of protective feelings that go both ways there. With David, and Mish being who she is, family was paramount.

Do you think there’s enough trans rep in Romancelandia/romance books?

No. I think there needs to be more and of all kinds, not just transition stories and not just cis acceptance of trans stories. I’d love to see books where the majority of the cast is trans. I want more trans romances between trans love interests.

Are there any books in general that you’d like to recommend?

The books I’ve read recently that I’ve loved have been:

American Dreamer by Adriana Herrera
Unbroken by Brooklyn Ray
Shadows You Left by Jude Sierra and Taylor Brooke
Dine With Me by Layla Reyne (coming in September 2019)

And a very important question. How does Adrian make such good coffee? 🙂

Good coffee beans from small batch roasters, air-tight containers, and magic!

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