#RomBkLove Day 25: Someone Famous

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Hello and welcome to my blog! I am so happy and honoured to be a part of this year’s #RomBkLove! This prompt was originally chosen by GeriReads who sadly had to step aside, so I jumped in 🙂 I realised I have read quite a few books with famous people, and all of them were books featuring LGBTQIA+ characters.

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Rebound by L.A. Witt

CW: PTSD, abusive past relationships, age gap, occasional homophobia (other teams, commentators, pretty much just mentioned by the character)

Rebound is a very good hockey romance that deals with difficult themes, such as coming out of abusive relationship(s) and how to learn how to deal with aftermath and rebuild the lives.

Asher Crowe is a famous hockey player who has been out as gay for a while, and Geoff is out as bi, and there is never any problem with either character’s sexuality.

One of the things I loved best was the stress on the fact that penetrative sex is not necessary in a relationship.

Lucky by Garrett Leigh

CW: Drug use, homophobia in sports, homelessness

This is an angsty story by Garrett Leigh, where the characters always feel very real, and they deal with a lot of shit. Dom is a … relatively famous football player. He is famous enough to be bothered by tabloids and is firmly in the closet.

Enter Lucky, the Grinder hookup that should be just a hookup and turns out to be a lot more. Their story is hard at times, but the ending is worth it! I’d also like to note that Dom doesn’t become the poster boy of the league and there is no huge public coming out 🙂

Syncopation, Counterpoint, Reverb by Anna Zabo

extensive CW lists helpfully provided by the author in their review of each book on Goodreads (they go in a lot of detail!)

Twisted Wishes books are all amazing, featuring the members of Twisted Wishes band. Syncopation is about Ray and Zavier (gay/pansexual aromantic), Counterpoint about Dominic and Adrian (gay/pan), Reverb about Mish and David (cis pan woman/trans queer man). The characters end up forming a found family and it is just so amazing to see them interacting 🙂

The books are long, hot, kinky, and full of consent!

Rend by Roan Parrish

CW: child abandonment, child neglect, foster care

Rend features a musician Rhys, who is just going on a tour and his husband Matt, who stays at home. They have to deal with the fact that their romance was fast and that they have to get to know each other more than they do now. It’s hot, it’s emotional, it made me cry a few times 🙂

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

CW: racism, homophobia, forced outing, let’s say…Trump-like antagonist

This very popular book features First Son of the US and Prince of England so fair warning, it includes a lot of politics (and some shady campaign workings and sabotage). I liked the fact Alex discovered he was bisexual in his twenties and then realised how far back the signs go 🙂

In current political climate, this book was like a warm hug to me and it made me feel better after hearing news earlier.

Community Help!

As you have probably noticed with the books above, they are mostly all queer, but otherwise quite lacking authors of colour. So the community stepped up and recommended a lot of books, but especially the following 🙂

others' recs rombklove

Reluctant Royals by Alyssa Cole

Love On My Mind by Tracey Livesay

Bollywood Confidential by Suleikha Snyder

Acting on Impulse by Mia Sosa

Rock Kiss by Nalini Singh

What are your favourite romances featuring famous people?

Do you know any other romances featuring trans/non binary (not-cis) people?

Feel free to let me know all about them on my Twitter and don’t forget to use #rombklove in your tweets ❤

Special shoutout to @mirabel_chan for making the graphics ❤


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