Review: Feathers From the Sky by Posy Roberts

46636009._SY475_All Cal wants is a little privacy… 

Cal isn’t enjoying the Christmas holiday, stuck in an overcrowded house with his huge family. His only solace is that Philip will soon arrive. 

He’s worried introducing Philip as his boyfriend rather than his roommate could put a damper on the holiday season, but his dad drops a bigger bomb: the family home will be sold. 

Derailed from coming out, Cal makes it his mission to squeeze every ounce out of his last holiday in his childhood home. But there’s no way to disguise his love for Philip. 

This holiday season is one of endings, but can it be the start of something even better?

My Review

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

This was an absolutely lovely short story that I would not mind being longer. It was sweet and adorable, with the main characters I just wanted to hug so much ❤

Cal is bisexual and came out to his parents long ago, but as he then went to date girls, it seems like the parents forgot, or wrote it off as a phase. So he’s never told them about his boyfriends. But now he has a boyfriend he doesn’t want to hide.

He’s decided to come out to his family, but the announcement that the family home was going  to be sold soon catches him off guard. But when Philip is hit by a snowball (nothing bad happens), Cal panics so much that at least one brother figures it out. And Cal doesn’t want to hide anymore.

The coming-out reaction was simply heart-warming, as was the ending. I loved the description of the snow in that moment as “feathers from the sky”.

So all in all, this is a super adorable, super sweet, hot, short story to warm your hearts in shitty days.

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