A Little Bit Different

In the last few weeks, our entire world and life has changed irrevocably. We have an invisible enemy going around and I, at least, feel like I have barely any control over anything. But there are some things I can still control, and this is one of them.

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility. This is an important day for all transgender people – a day to celebrate our community loudly. A day to ignore the bad news, the bigotry, and try to be visible – if that is safe. For many transgender people, visibility can mean a lot of danger. For the luckier ones, this is only a day of celebration. This is one of two days that are important to the trans community – the other one is Trans Day of Remembrance to remember all the people who haven’t made it.

But today is supposed to be a happy day a day for trans people to celebrate and for cis allies to shout that Trans Rights are Human Rights even louder.

On more personal note – this day is very important to me. If you haven’t figured it out yet, there have been plenty of clues 🙂 … I changed my name to Alex on Facebook because all my friends in Sweden called me Alex from the moment they met me, and it was getting annoying to explain why there was a different name on my Facebook profile. Even before that, I’d changed my pronouns to they/them. Because this made it possible for me to say it must have been a fluke or something, and yet allowed me not to see “she/her” all the time. My profile picture has featured transgender pride flag for quite a while.

So, hopefully this post should not be very new or shocking information, but it’s time for me to put this out in the world – I am transgender. I have been out to select number of people for at least a year and a half, to some other people for more than a year. I have a supportive family and wonderful online community consisting of both other transgender people and some wonderful cis allies. I am grateful for the things that helped me realise I was transgender – books featuring transgender main characters (such as Jay Northcote’s Second Chance and Starting from Scratch), friends who had all kinds of conversations with me to help me make sense of my feelings and thoughts, and give me words for who I was. For my real-life friends who accepted me immediately. For the EuroPrideCon organisers and attendees who called me Alex in person for the first time in my life and gave me the opportunity to test out pronouns.

And a huge thank you to everyone who’s (virtually and social distanc-y) holding my hands right now when I’m writing and posting this. You are all awesome and I am so happy to have met you all ❤

Finally, a Happy Trans Day of Visibility to everyone, whether you are out or not. It’s okay to not be out, and we’re all thinking about all of you and see you ❤

P.S. A long while ago I wrote a post about how reading romance books helped me realise I was trans. You can find it here: https://bookcornerreviews.home.blog/2019/04/18/turns-out-im-trans-how-romance-helped-me-find-myself/

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