RomBkLove 2020 Day 5: Seeing Yourself


Hey everyone! Hope you’re all safe and healthy!  ❤

I am super excited to be a part of RomBkLove 2020! Day 5 of RomBkLove is “Seeing Yourself”. I bet most of us know that feeling when you’re reading a book and it describes your situation or your feeling so perfectly you nearly cry. Or when you finally manage to find good representation of specific things.

For example, I nearly cried when I read Tough Guy by Rachel Reid, because the anxiety description is so amazing and real and almost exactly what I experience. I was talking about it with a friend also suffering from anxiety and she had the same reaction. The entire book is amazing, so very very good, but anxiety rep in it is what I remember and think of most. Well, and Fabian’s hatred of gender norms and expectations.

Invitation to the Blues by Roan Parrish is another amazing book dealing with mental illness. Jude has depression, and with him it shows very different than my own experience is, but how Jude is accepted by his friends and all the quotes about how he deserves love and how he is enough and… Whenever I see those quotes, I nearly cry. I want to have some on my walls so I can see them all the time 🙂

I also can’t forget A Tiny Piece of Something Greater by Jude Sierra – I adored the book so much, and I love how the author doesn’t shy away from portraying bad parts of the illness and makes sure to show that love can’t be the cure.

I also wanted to spotlight several books that are important to me from a different perspective – books that helped me realise I was trans or some I’ve read and loved after that. I’ve spoken a lot, and frequently, about Second Chance by Jay Northcote (disclaimer: I proofread for Jay), so I won’t talk much about it here but it is an amazing book and I adore it.

There’s also Forever by Ed Davies. The book features a transgender main character that wants a family and gets pregnant. I accidentally read the book at the exact moment I needed it. There aren’t many books featuring transmasc characters getting pregnant intentionally and I do wish there were many more.

The last one I want to mention right now is Reverb by Anna Zabo. I remember laughing so much at some of David’s quips and enjoying the easy acceptance from Mish and the rest of the band members. I just love this book so much, and can’t wait to listen to it when it comes out in audio (out on May 26!).

What are your favourite romances that made you feel seen or understood? Let me/us know on Twitter and don’t forget to use the #RomBkLove 🙂

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