Best of 2021

Hey y’all!

Oof this has been one hell of a year, hasn’t it? I’m glad it’s ending and I would say let’s hope next one will be better but hey we all said that last year and then 2021 happened, huh? But it wasn’t all doom and gloom, a lot of good books came out in 2021. I also read some older ones so they might sneak in this round-up but hey, it’s my best of so if I’ve read it this year, it counts 🙂

So here they are, in no specific order!

Proper Scoundrels by Allie Therin

An amazing Magic in Manhattan spin-off by Allie Therin, featuring two “villains” from the original trilogy, Sebastian and Wesley. I adore them both so much and you can see I can’t even call them villains from the previous books. Sebastian is Puerto Rican paranormal still dealing with the past, and the rude, jaded Lord Fine work together amazingly. They are a dangerous marshmallow (as Jade says in the book) and an emotional support bastard (author’s words) and they are both just so perfect, I cannot stop saying how much I adore them. The book immediately joined my collection of comfort books and I have read it several times already.

Goodreads l Amazon

If You Love Something by Jayce Ellis

Jayce Ellis was a new author for me – I have several of her books on my TBR list but this book was the first one I actually read (for now). I was slightly worried because there’s a BIG CW – grandma (very important character) has cancer, which is a main point of the plot in many ways, as it is the reason that the characters reconnect. I love a good second chance story and DeShawn and Malik have a very interesting story, one that I haven’t read before: their divorce didn’t actually go through! And a shitty relative is suing Malik because DeShawn’s grandma left the money to Malik for…reasons & they have to pretend they got back together. I loved their story so much and I’ve read the book several times now so I can’t recommend it enough, but beware of that CW!

Goodreads l Amazon

The Life Revamp by Kris Ripper

This is the third book in The Love Study series, and while I love *all* the books in the series, I think this one might be my favourite. Mason, the only remaining single Motherfucker, is trying to find his HEA. Out of all his friends, he wants the most “normal” life – wedding, white-picket-fence life. But he falls for Diego, a married guy…which sounds slightly damning, until one counts in that Diego and his wife Claris was the one who set them up on dates. I haven’t read many polyamorous books before, and I think only one had the so-called V relationship and while I had my expectations…I *adored* the book so much. It is another one that got added to my comfort books and I loved Mason, Diego and Claris. I would love more Claris but I loved the focus on Mason and Diego and getting over their insecurities!

Goodreads l Amazon

The Queer Principles of Kit Webb by Cat Sebastian

It’s been a while since I read this book but I remember adoring it and talking about it with my friend (because yelling about books with friends is THE BEST) and I have reread it and it’s definitely a great book by Cat Sebastian. (Former) Highwayman, horrible father, theft of potential blackmail material from the said horrible father… I don’t read a lot of historical romance (I generally prefer contemporary) but this one was AMAZING….actually I should probably go reread it after I finish this post 🙂

Goodreads l Amazon

Role Model by Rachel Reid

Ah, this book ❤ The fifth book in Game Changers series has a grumpy guy trying to do better and the absolutely sunshiniest sunshine character I have *ever* read. Troy is trying to do much much much better than he did in the past butt is struggling with it because people either hate him for what he was or hate him for what he is trying to be. It’s a very good portrayal of toxic culture but with some hope. Not to mention all the Ilya content and Chiron the puppy! I loved it and the audiobook of it is also great! I keep listening to it because this book is also one of my comfort reads! Check my review of the book from when it came out! Basically, Rachel Reid keeps giving us new books to read and enjoy! ❤

Goodreads I Amazon

Fandom & Encore by Eden Finley

The last two books in the Famous series. I couldn’t choose between which one to include because they’re both great! Fandom has an interesting portrayal of relationship between Denver and Mason and repairing their relationship and treats Mason’s weight gain nicely, by not giving in to Hollywood’s ridiculous standards. It also deals with grief really well and it really helped me with my own grief. Encore has a known side character as one of the main characters, and Ash and Max from Deke (Fake Boyfriends #3) make some appearance because Jordan is Ash’s best friend. And Blake is so concerned about taking a role from an actually gay actor that he keeps flubbing. There’s an important character that is such a dick that just thinking about him makes me angry.

Fandom: Goodreads I Amazon
Encore: Goodreads I Amazon

Puck Drills & Quick Thrills by Eden Finley & Saxon James

The fifth book in CU Hockey is super interesting and while I loved the other ones, I loved the assistant hockey coach (Westly, going by West) and a professor with a justifiable grudge against jocks (Jasper). West storms into Jasper’s office for Reasons and their relationship is enemies for like 5 minutes, and then they eventually, due to a Meddling Best FriendTM on Jasper’s side, end up attending Jasper’s high school reunion. Jasper’s former classmates who bullied him, seeing him all grown up, strong, hot, *and* hanging out with a former NHL star?
I loved how Jasper was thinking about the high school reunion because it is how I often imagined my own (wowing the people with my life being amazing somehow?) so it was *so* relatable. I just loved how their relationship progressed, and how the family reacted to Jasper, especially Asher because of the events in the previous books. Jasper is there for West when West needs a break and doesn’t even realise. Also Ezra makes a brief appearance, making sure that I am definitely excited for his book (which comes out soonish?)

Goodreads I Amazon

You made it to the end of the post? Thank you so much for reading!

This post was fun to write, especially remembering all the great books. 2021 was Not Great but these books made it so much better and I am so thankful to all the writers for their amazing works in general. Books are amazing and great and just make life better in general.

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