About Me


I’m Alex and I’m twenty-something  queer book reviewer. I started with fanfiction and then moved on to queer books thanks to my friends who knew exactly what to recommend. Later I decided to start a blog dedicated to these books and help their visibility. And because I like writing reviews and shouting into the void about the books I love.

As someone who did not realise there was any option other than being straight for 15-odd years, it was like worlds opened when I realised that HEY THAT’S ME AND THAT’S WHY ALL THOSE THINGS FELT LIKE THAT. I use he/him pronouns.

This blog is mainly focused on LGBTQ+ books. I do occasionally read and review M/F books but mostly the characters should be queer (or at least if it is in a series with queer books). But since I can decide what I do with the blog… 🙂

As this is an ‘about me’ post, I won’t talk about my review policy here, but you can find it over on this page.

Thanks for reading this post 🙂